This car was my first serious project. I bought the car sfor $1500 and used it as a daily driver for three years before restoring.

I always wanted a “Show” car  and the SPG with limited numbers and Classic SAAB heritage, was the perfect choice.  I wanted to do a 1978 99 Turbo, but moved on after having 2 of them. I could never get them to run perfect...

My only requirement was that while modifying, to try and use nothing but Saab parts.

My SPG Story...

history of the SPG model .

When i first saw it, it did not run (dead battery) and it was parked in a small garage with dust and boxes everywhere. It was tight, so i couldn’t get a good look at it, but I was needy for a project and low balled him saying I couldn’t pay more than $1500. He agreed.

When i got it home I found a little bit of rust on the fender wells, numerous dings, SPG panels missing, window broke, no cruise, no a/c, cracked dash and pretty much everything you’d expect from a old Saab, BUT very drivable and nothing major.

My goal was to  make it look like a car that would’ve came directly from Saab and not like I “modified” it.

I have to thank ebay for 95% of the things on the car.

From 2003-present, I replaced every little thing that was wrong and went over the entire car . I soon realized I had caught the restoration bug and just needed everything to be perfect. I got 2nd place in 2008 and 3rd place in 2009. (After I accidentally painted the rims a nice shade of blue.) :o(

Don’t paint in the dark.


• New dash

• 99 turbo gauge (yes it was hard to drill into a crack free dash)

• Instruments

• Momo Saab steering wheel

• 9-3 Aero Shifter on Short Shifter w Leather boot

• Re-did the interior door cards adding speakers

  1. Complete front and rear 9000 Aero seats

  2. Center console

  3. Center arm rest

  4. Hew headliner

  5. Tinted glass

  6. New dash facia

  7. Painted the door sills

  8. Saab Floor mats

  9. Kenwood MP3 stereo

  10. Kenwood 4x10 rear speakers

  11. kenwood 4” front speakers

  12. MB quartz door card speakers

  13. Kenwood subwoofer


  1. SPG (3) Panels replaced

  2. Aero Emblems from 9-5

  3. New gaskets on all panels

  4. New front bumper cover

  5. Replaced rear bumper cover

  6. Silver and carbon fiber pin stripes

  7. Replaced fog lights

  8. New headlights

  9. New grille

  10. New clear corners and turn signals

  11. Tail lights (actually found a NOS left tail light!)

  12. LED bulbs

  13. New windshield

  14. Complete car painted (except for the roof) in Edwardian grey (stock color)

  15. Saab solid antennae

  16. 16” inch Aero Wheels from 1995 9000 Aero (redone and painted Artic Silver) TOO MUCH BLUE!

  17. Air horns

  18. B&G lowering springs


  1. Replaced engine and turbo (only thing I didn’
    t do myself)
  2. K&N Filter

  3. 3.0 FPR

  4. Group6 APC and exhaust

  5. 24lb injectors

  6. Distributor Mod

  7. New vacuum lines in red

  8. A/C redone and working

  9. Forge atmospheric BOV (no stalling)

  10. Various other things like Radiator replaced, proper NGK plugs, 10bar Intercooler. Radiator Fans, Brake booster, clutch, and surely something i forgot.

I had 30lb injectors with RRFPR and it ran good, but I did not want to break anything, cause this thing would smoke the tires in second very easily. I was afraid I couldn’t control myself and risked breaking something, (tranny) so i took off the extra go-fast things to return it to something a little less “GO FAST”. It is faster than it was stock with around 190-200 HP.

With todays family cars getting 200-300 HP from the factory, this is not a car that is going to win any drag races or top speed challenges. Don’t get me wrong, it is very easy to get to a hundred, but I am at a point in my life where that stuff isn’t as important as keeping the car clean for as long as possible. I love the sound this thing makes and it handles like a dream. 

I will hold onto it for as long as I can and the only thing I still want to add is the larger whale-tail spoiler. . I have the front windows to replace because of scratches, but I just found a NOS passenger window Thanks ebay) . So it will need installed and the wheels color is all wrong. It turned out more blue that I wanted, so that will get painted Steel gray when i get a chance.

I’ve been entering the car into the Carlisle, Import auto show since 2005. It took me three years to place, getting 2nd place in 2008. It was totally unexpected and that year there was a pearl cent white 1985 SPG at the show. I knew that would not take first, so i never even thought about 2nd. I was pleasantly surprised when my name was announced.

In 2009 I got third place, going down a notch, but happy that I placed. My goal would be to get 1st (obviously) .

I think that’s it for now.

SPG Value Information


Import Car Show, Carlisle, PA

2008 (2nd place finish)

Import Car Show, Carlisle, PA

2009 (3rd place finish)

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